Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Marisol shows all the crackers we made in 6th grade.

Marisol ens ensenya tots els crackers que vam fer a sisè.

Christmas crackers are a part of Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom. To make a cracker you need:
  • A piece of Christmas wrapping paper.
  • A toilet roll tube.
  • Curling ribbon. (If possible buy a “snap” to put the crack into your cracker.)
  • Scotch tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Gifts (Sweets, little toys...)

Els crackers Nadalencs formen part de les celebracions nadalenques al Regne Unit. Per fer un cracker necessites:

  • Paper de regal.
  • Un tub de cartró de paper higiènic.
  • Cinta de regal. (Si és possible pots comprar una petita tira explosiva per a col·locar a l'interior del teu cracker.)
  • Cinta adhesiva.
  • Tisores.
  • Regalets (Caramels, joguines petites, confetti...)


1.Roll the wrapping paper around
the toilet roll tube.

2.Fasten the paper tube with the tape.

3.Scrunch the paper together in the gap between the two pieces of tubing.

4.Now place the chosen gifts inside the open end of the cracker.

5.Remove the hard tube from the end of the cracker and insert it into the other end. Repeat the process of pulling together the other end of the cracker with ribbon. Use the knife or scissors to curl the ribbons.

6.Well done! Merry Christmas!